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BLI Ratings, Awards and Certificates

Laboratory Test Report Ratings

When an OEM submits a copier, printer, fax or multifunction (MFP) product for laboratory testing, it must endure BLI's rigorous three-month in-house evaluation, during which it is extensively tested for reliability, productivity (throughput speeds/efficiency), image quality, toner/ink yields, paper handling, ease of use, multitasking performance (if a multifunctional product) and connectivity performance, as well as a number of other critical performance and value factors.
When we publish our Laboratory Test Report at the culmination of our testing process, each device receives one of the following ratings:
Highly Recommended – this designation is reserved for the best all-around machines that enter our lab and serves as a strong indicator to business consumers that the equipment will perform as designed.
Recommended – devices receiving this designation have performed well in BLI's tests and should do the same for consumers, thereby earning BLI's seal of approval.
Recommended, with Notations – these devices have performed well in BLI's laboratory, however certain features or aspects of the machine's performance, in our opinion, require additional scrutiny by business consumers with regard to those shortcomings, which could impact their plans for implementation and use.
Not Recommended – this designation is reserved for any device that does not meet expectations during the rigorous testing in our lab.

Reliability Certificates

BLI's unique and exhaustive laboratory testing of imaging equipment includes several months of extensive evaluation of the reliability and durability of each device that enters our lab. In fact, BLI is the only test lab in the industry that includes reliability testing as part of its standard in-house test suite and has been addressing this key concern of business consumers for over 40 years.
When an imaging device meets BLI's rigorous standards for durability and reliability, the manufacturer is awarded a BLI Certificate of Reliability. Business consumers worldwide recognize and trust this seal of approval when evaluating proposals on imaging equipment from OEMs.

Field Test Report Ratings

As a complement to BLI's renowned Laboratory Test Reports, we introduced the new Field Test Report Service in 2004 in order to give business consumers early insight into the quality and performance of imaging devices. Each report reviews areas like ease of use, copy/print productivity and image quality and many other features. As part of the appraisal, each of these key areas, as well as subcategories, receive ratings from one to five stars so that business consumers can “drill down” to assess areas of particular interest or concern. Similarly, manufacturers, vendors and dealers can gain invaluable, independent insight into the strengths and shortcomings of their own and competitive devices.

Pick of the Year Awards

Twice yearly, in June and December, BLI's experienced editorial and test technician teams exhaustively review all of the equipment we've evaluated during the previous six months and present the following prestigious awards to deserving OEMs:
Pick of the Year – these awards are reserved for specific devices that our editors and technicians determine are the “best of the best” and deserve these prestigious awards from BLI.
Line of the Year – OEMs that submit a full range of devices for BLI to test and perform admirably across that full range of copier, fax or printer based devices, are eligible to receive these annual awards that are given each June.
Outstanding Achievement – during each review process, BLI recognizes OEMs that have demonstrated unique and laudable advances in imaging devices and solutions with these deserving awards.

Licensing Opportunities

OEMs and vendors have the opportunity to license reprint rights for any of the awards they receive from Buyers Laboratory. Please contact BLI, click here to send email or call directly at 973-797-2100.
OEMs and vendors
Reprints for your awards and reports are a powerful selling tool. Find out how you can order yours, click here to send email or call directly at 973-797-2100.
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