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Buyers Laboratory - Press Release

HP Earns BLI “Pick” Award for Outstanding Wide-Format Small Workgroup Color Inkjet Printer

July 20, 2012 – Hackensack (NJ) – Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, today unveiled its prestigious Summer 2012 “Pick” award in the wide-format category, with honors going to HP. BLI’s semi-annual “Pick” awards are presented to the products that perform the best in their respective categories throughout BLI’s in-depth laboratory testing.

The Summer 2012 wide-format printer “Pick” winner is:


HP Designjet T790 PostScript ePrinter
Outstanding Wide-Format Small Workgroup Color Inkjet Printer

HP Designjet T790 PostScript ePrinter Facilitates File Printing and Sharing from the Cloud
An ideal choice for small architectural and engineering design teams, the HP Designjet T790 PostScript ePrinter received superior marks in most categories throughout its laboratory evaluation. Delivering flawless reliability, excellent feedback to workstations and ease of network setup, this season’s award winner features HP ePrint & Share, the company’s free file-sharing utility and a BLI “Outstanding Achievement” award-winner. Offering Web connectivity and straightforward operation, HP ePrint & Share enables users around the world to share their files and print them not only on the HP Designjet T790, but on any web-connected HP Designjet device. Among the unit’s strengths are its multifunctional control panel, which features USB connectivity for direct file printing, a color touchscreen enabling users to preview files, and access to the cloud via the HP ePrint & Share selection.

“HP is at the forefront in Web-connectivity with the Designjet portfolio of wide-format ePrinters. Used in conjunction with the HP ePrint & Share utility, the HP Designjet T790 will enable team members to quickly realize significant benefits in collaboration and time savings that weren’t even imagined only a few years ago,” said Joe Tischner, BLI wide-format printer analyst.

“We are pleased that BLI has awarded the HP Designjet T790 ePrinter this distinction for its ease of use, performance, reliability and web-connected features," said Emre Ozguc, director, worldwide marketing, large-format printing business HP. "With the device, small workgroups in the architectural, engineering and construction industries enjoy a simplified large-format printing experience with the ability to instantly print and upload large-format files to and from the web and access designs where the job takes them.”

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