BLI tests and reviews multifunction (mfp), copier, printer and fax products
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BERTL’s website and products, including MegaNet, DataCheck, iTchat have been discontinued. BERTL has arranged for Buyers Laboratory to provide service and support for their customers, which is why you have been redirected to
For over 50 years, Buyers Lab (BLI) has been the leading independent office-equipment testing lab and business consumer advocate. BLI offers a variety of services for dealers, purchasers and manufacturers of office equipment.
Sellers of Office Equipment—Close more deals with BLI’s competitive intelligence resources—bliQ and Solutions Center. These resources provide research, sales tools and analysis on hardware and software that cannot be found anywhere else.
Purchasers of Office Equipment—Buyers Advisor reduces the stress of purchasing equipment by educating you on the buying process, identifying the right products for your needs and finding dealers to compete for your business.
Manufacturers of Office Equipment and Software—Benefit from BLI’s extensive and unmatched hands-on experience with all brands and technologies by designing a custom test with our U.S. or U.K. labs. Our comprehensive array of testing services for equipment, consumables and software run the gamut including prelaunch, environmental testing, product comparisons and more.
If you have questions about BLI products and subscriptions please call us at 973-797-2100, or click here to send us an e-mail.
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