How to Buy a Copier or MFP: 2009

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Buying a copier, printer, or multifunction product (MFP) has never been more complicated.  In the past, a copier simply sat in the corner of the office and made copies.  Today, they’re an intelligent, complex part of your information network…

  • Connecting to enterprise networks
  • Offering many sophisticated features and capabilities
  • Purchased through multiple channels, including systems integrators
  • Customized to meet business needs through software applications

How to Buy a Copier or MFP: 2009 was written by the editors of Buyers Laboratory (BLI), the leading global provider of information and test reports on document imaging equipment.   Chock full of valuable insights, it helps you acquire the knowledge you need at each stage of the buying process:

1. What, exactly, do I need?
2. How do I choose from the products that fit?
3. How do I negotiate the “best deal”?
4. Payment Options

Armed with this information, the process of buying or leasing a device will be faster, and more successful—finding the best possible fit, at the best possible price.  Rather than being oversold or locked into a bad or lengthy deal due to lack of knowledge, this guide will enable you to control the process—not let it control you.

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As a Buyers Lab Advisor user, you can also access report briefs from our bliQ service — an online database of more than 10,000 devices, used by over 30,000 paid subscribers.

Products from every major manufacturer undergo a rigorous battery of lab tests, conducted in our labs in Hackensack, NJ and Wokingham, England.  In addition to test reports, bliQ includes comprehensive specifications and pricing, news and feature stories, and a range of tools such as side-by-side comparisons and a total cost of ownership calculator.

If you would like more in-depth reports, we suggest you look into a subscription to bliQ or ask your dealer to provide Buyers Lab reports using their own subscription.  We do offer a special 90-day bliQ subscription for buyers like you, to support you during your purchase process.

We look forward to your feedback, comments and questions.   Best of luck with your purchase process!

George Mikolay
Assignments Editor, Buyers Laboratory