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About Buyers Lab


uyers Lab (BLI) is the global document imaging industry's resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools. Our vast hardware coverage ranges from entry-level inkjet printers all the way up to high-end production presses, while our software database includes document imaging solutions from free mobile apps to enterprise-level document management systems. Our expert team of analysts and lab technicians are constantly testing hardware and evaluating software to provide both buyers and sellers with up-to-date information.

Our product offerings include two web-based services, bliQ and Solutions Center, which enable anytime, anywhere access to our spec database, library of reports and a variety of tools, including side-by-side comparisons and calculators for TCO and energy usage. In addition to bliQ and Solutions Center, we also offer custom research and reporting services where we collaborate with you through custom testing and consulting on both devices and solutions. Additional services include webinars, competitive analysis pieces and marketing brochures.

Our customers include OEMs, dealers, leasing companies, independent software vendors and buyers.

Buyer's Lab - About Us Section

Our History

Buyers Lab has been committed to serving the business world for over a half century. As both a test facility and a research house, what began as a consumer-based publication about office equipment has become an all-encompassing resource for the global document imaging industry. We’ve witnessed the transition from analog to digital, non-networked to fully networked, monochrome to color and, more recently, the expansion of services to the influx of solutions. In a landscape that’s ever evolving, we change with it—and continue to communicate with you to deliver information, tools and services that have a positive impact on how people work.

Our Vision

Buyers Lab strives to be the most trusted provider of information and services for buyers and sellers in the global document imaging industry, as well as to drive product and solution quality, revenue growth and profitability for our customers.

Our Core Values

Expertise: We are driven by the pursuit of excellence and dedicated to continuous improvement. Our expertise is expressed in the development of timely, innovative and accurate content.

Trust: Starting with a basis of trust, we consider and respect the interests and feelings of others and behave with integrity in what we do and say.

Communication: We are candid and professional in our communication and are receptive to feedback. It is the key to alignment with our customers and one another.

Collaboration: We gain personal fulfillment from collaborating. Through collaboration, our contribution is greater to our clients and one another.

Adaptability: In order to maintain our commitment to innovation and new opportunities in the industry, we must continue to be open to change in what we do and how we do it.

Industry Affiliations

Business Technology Association Member